PDF customization for any record types

We can customize your PDF print-outs and tie the content with your NetSuite data. There is no need for your finance or accounting personnel to go through several steps or fill out physical papers to do this. In just a matter of minutes (or even seconds), they can put out the printed PDF straight out of your NetSuite account!

Detailed Invoice PDF

In this example, we built a customized PDF for the customer’s invoicing. It contains detailed information that are gathered from the time entries tied to the NetSuite project records.

Previously the step-by-step process they’re doing to send out invoices are these:

  1. Go to a search to generate the time entries related to the Project
  2. Export the Time Entries
  3. Save it as PDF
  4. Attach the PDF as another page to the invoice

Previously, this process takes their Finance personnel 5-10 minutes per invoice.

Instead of doing all these steps, the Client can simply click the button and send it to the customer straight away. The entire process takes only one minute per invoice.

Local Taxation Form (Philippines)

In this example, the Client who is based in the Philippines wanted to automatically generate a taxation form for their Vendor Bills.

NetSuite currently does not have this standard functionality. Without this, they would have to manually write all this data in a physical paper. The process takes 15 minutes or more per paper.

We developed a script in their NetSuite account that prints out the above form. In just a minute, this data can be generated, saving tons of time for their accounting personnel.

Support for Different Language

Another customization that we did is a support for different language such as Hebrew. We also added a customization that splits the item line to show the cost based on the percentage which is configured on the item.

Sounds like what you’re looking for?

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