Our team comprises seasoned NetSuite technical experts with over eight years of NetSuite experience.

Here’s the list of projects that we have worked on:

NetSuite Administration

  • Created financial reports for A/P and A/R process
  • Provided NetSuite administration support to an international company of 170 NetSuite users
  • Corrected accounting errors through extensive data analysis and reversal entries
  • Assisted with the report requirements for annual auditing
  • Assisted with a complex account reconciliation issue

NetSuite Functional Consultancy

  • Provide Functional Consultancy to several international partners regarding OneWorld setup
  • Fixed Asset Management data correction
  • Advanced Revenue Management consulting
  • Job Costing and Project Budgeting consulting

Data Migration

  • CSV Data Import of Opening Balances, Historical Data Migration, and Master Data

Custom Development

  • Computation of Net Profit per Order / Sales Rep for Drop Shipping Transactions
  • Budget Tracker on transaction-level displaying the remaining and actual budget for the fiscal period
  • Generation of ACH file from Bill Payments
  • Generation of Custom CSV Formats
  • Customization of Advanced PDF Templates
  • Automated creation of Custom Transactions

Advanced PDF Templates

  • All transaction types

Packaged Solutions

  • Solution for wholesale pricing and discount structure on customer’s sales and purchasing cycle
  • Scheduled Vendor Pre-payments Solution
  • Electronic Coaching Log for Employees
  • Consolidated Invoicing solution on top of the Electronic Invoicing SuiteApp
  • Employee Engagements Software
  • Advanced Procurement that includes Vendor Request for Quote and Awarding of Purchase Orders
  • Bound Proposal generated from Estimates


  • Multi-level approval workflow for Purchase requisition
  • Multi-Tier Advanced Approval Solution Customization/Enhancement on top of SuiteSolutions Advanced Approval Bundle

Process Automation

  • Emailing solution for notifying users about complying with the month-end process
  • Export of saved search data to a CSV file saved in the NetSuite File Cabinet
  • Map/Reduce script for scheduled updates of all transaction types

UI Extensions / Custom NetSuite Pages

  • Receipt display for reviewing and updating Work Orders
  • Expense form that automatically creates Purchase Orders
  • A/R Aging Report with Percentage Total
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Employee Reward Points
  • Item Price Grid for Customer View
  • Advances Paid to Employee report
  • Pay Cycle solution for reporting and exporting payroll data


  • Integration of NetSuite utilizing RESTlet and HTTP POST API. External applications include:
    • WooCommerce
    • Hubspot
    • Trello
    • Innovadis
    • Merkato
    • Dropbox
    • UPS
    • Shopify
    • ContractPlus
    • OCR Engine
    • Facebook Workchat
  • SFTP Integration
  • CSV Integrator (successfully uploaded 600,000 records)
  • REST-based integration with a mobile application


  • Script Reviews for performance improvement
  • Script Optimization for scalability

NetSuite Enablement and Technical Training (received 100% recommendation)