Being a NetSuite professional does feel challenging at times. Once in a while, you will encounter surprising issues along the way; you will feel blocked, not knowing how to move forward with a specific problem.

This is most felt when you are just starting out early in your NetSuite career. You will come across a lot of issues that you haven’t encountered before, without a clue of what to do next.

So, let us take a closer look at my top six hand-picked resources that could surely help you in your NetSuite journey, especially when you are just starting out.

Important Note: Both the Help Guide (1) and SuiteAnswers (2) need an active session in a NetSuite account in order to access them.

1. Go to the Help Guide

2. Browse through SuiteAnswers

SuiteAnswers is an extension of NetSuite’s Help Guide for learning more about NetSuite. The difference is that, in SuiteAnswers, you can find some Support articles written by the NetSuite Support team that is more specific and focusing on real-life examples.

Looking for a sample SuiteScript snippet that you need for your project, or a SQL formula that would help you complete your reporting project? You can try SuiteAnswers for that. You can also find some training videos that you didn’t know existed before.

3. Watch some relevant Youtube videos

You can find some Youtube videos that you may find useful in your Netsuite journey. NetSuite itself has a Youtube channel that hosts several training videos.

Want to learn about SuiteScript? Try Eric’s Stoic Software channel.

Want to learn how to import records via CSV? Try these videos from and “NetSuite Basic Customer CSV File Configuration” from Business Solution Partners and NetSuite Tutorial: How to upload CSV files from SwissBear IT GmbH. Also,

There’s also a helpful demo on How to Import Data from Excel into NetSuite with the CSV Import Tool by Eide Bailly Technology.

Another interesting video about approval routing is this video NetSuite Workflow Approvals in 2017.1.

4. Join some NetSuite Online Communities

OdeCloud NetSuite Community – This is another Slack channel in an intimate and warm setting. The founder, Osar, who is also the CEO of OdeCloud makes sure that new members feel welcome and that there is no one left behind with the questions coming in. It even has a #ode-cool-listenings section that allows members to share music with each other. How cool is that!

5. Ask questions in the NetSuite Professionals forum.

The NetSuite Professionals site, which is a byproduct of the NetSuite Professionals Slack Group, is a forum where you can sign up as a member to post your NetSuite related questions. This was built to complement the existing Slack channel to solve some challenges in getting some answers there. It is also somehow a way of giving back to the community by posting your question to a site where other members could easily see when searching the web.

6. Read some NetSuite Blogs by Other Companies and Consultants

Thanks to all the contributors in our community, several blogs were built in order to share expertise about the NetSuite platform. With this I am sharing the top NetSuite blogs by other companies and consultants that are worth reading from a NetSuite professional perspective:

Prolecto – Prolecto’s blog, also known as Marty Zigman’s blog, is probably a site that you have opened at least once in your NetSuite career while coming up with a solution troubleshooting a NetSuite concern. They are working hard in pushing content weekly and the quality of the articles is praiseworthy.
NetSuite Insights – Founded by Chidi Okwudire, his blog is one of the most generous blogs out there in terms of sharing NetSuite technical expertise. Most of the content are about things that you probably haven’t tried before in NetSuite, which the authors have been sharing selflessly, so it’s definitely worth a read.
Anderson Frank – If you’re a NetSuite professional wanting to know about the trends in the job market, tips about working on a NetSuite project and learn from some of the thought leaders in the industry, then you may want to follow Anderson Frank’s blog.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Good to point out that the first two resources – NetSuite Help Center and SuiteAnswers are free but access to a NetSuite environment is required. So if one is not already in the NetSuite space, those resources are largely out of reach (there are public PDF for most modules covered in the help center though). I also recently came across getting started video tutorials provided by Oracle but I can’t readily find the link. I’ll share it if I do.

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