As an Information Technology (IT) and Services company, keeping track of your project lifecycle from lead management up to project closing is crucial to your company’s success.

This is why the NetSuite Services Resource Planning (SRP) feature is a sought-after tool in improving the cash flow and revenue of global IT and Services companies. With a single source of truth, executives like you can have a quick grasp of how your company is doing by looking at the financial data generated from your project lifecycle.

What’s even more fascinating with NetSuite SRP is its endless capabilities for customization.

We have been working with companies in the IT sector and here are some enhancements that you might find beneficial as well.

Beautiful Invoicing and Estimate PDFs that presents good format and better brand recall

With NetSuite’s Advanced PDF capability coupled with SuiteScript extensions, the level of customizations you can do to your NetSuite PDF documents is almost limitless. Do you have a customer requirement to include detailed hours when sending invoices? This can be achieved by the power of Advanced PDF and SuiteScript.

Image 1: Provide the list of Charges on the Details page of your Invoices
Image 2. A sample PDF layout showing details of the Project Charges

Invoicing Approval

Does your company has a small to a medium-sized team of Finance professionals who are working round the clock to send accurate invoices to your customers? Then having an Invoicing Approval workflow can be useful to your organization. With this, you can have an internal approval status that could allow your team to determine if an invoice is in Draft, Ready to Be Sent or Approved stage. You can also designate the correct personnel to work on each stage.

Have a visibility of the Project Rates versus Cost

As a Services company, who would not want to able to drill down the cost and revenue per projects? With this data, you can come up with certain strategies in what to improve on your project financials.

Project Profitability and Job Costing

With this NetSuite feature, you will have the ability to see the profitability per project and the labor cost associated with a project. If you’re interested to know more about this feature, we have a separate blog that explains about it.

Visualization of Data through SuiteAnalytics Workbook

Visualizing data in NetSuite is made easier with SuiteAnalytics Workbook. With this analytical tool, you can create highly customizable workbooks that combine datasets, tables, pivot tables, and charts from NetSuite data sources. Through this, you can generate reports useful for your business such as Project Financials, Utilization Reports, Actual versus Planned Hours, etc.

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