Do you have a NetSuite resource that can help you with your doubts in NetSuite?

You’re working on a project where you got stuck in the middle and can’t find answers in the NetSuite support hub. You’ve got a lot of issues and cases to check but don’t know where to look for answers. 

Many have not usually known but there’s a secret resource with gold mine of information. This resource has been around for 13 years but still so useful up today. There are tons of value posts hidden in plain sight. One example is searching answers for Saved Search formulas. You can find lots of sample formulas from this resource. 

This useful NetSuite resource will also help you understand the formulas in plain English. This body of information suits best not just for Developers who usually works with codes but also for NetSuite account owners. 

Our team used this when we were struggling to find the formula for custom A/R Aging which was super helpful to complete the task we’ve been working on. 

The interesting part is that some of the questions were answered by the founder of NetSuite himself – Evan Goldberg.

We are so excited to share this NetSuite resource with you so everyone can benefit from this. 

You may check this NetSuite resource here:

Be sure to sign up for an Oracle account when you access the link to have the best experience.

Hope this resource helps you find your answers 🙂

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