I posted on Linkedin a month ago about NetSuite’s 2020.1 new feature for SuiteFlow where it now allows client triggers for sublist fields.

Here, I expressed my amusement on how NetSuite continuously improves the capabilities of SuiteFlow as I personally witnessed how limited it was years ago.  Most of the NetSuite users expressed the same.

A quick explanation about what Client Triggers can do. When a trigger is on the client-side, it can only execute when a user interacts with a record form in NetSuite. Previously, only server-side trigger is supported for sublist fields in workflows, meaning you have to hit on Save before you can see the expected result.

On the GIF that I posted, I showed how the workflow was able to set the “Description” field based on the line item field.  

This article is written as a response to a user request to see a step-by-step guide on how I configured the workflow with the mentioned outcome.   


  1. As an Administrator, navigate to Customization > Workflow > Workflows > New.
  2. Give the workflow a name.
  3. Select Transaction on the “Record Type”.
  4. Check the “On Create” and “On View or Update” checkboxes.
  5. Select “Before Record Load” on the Trigger Type.
  6. On the Event Types, select “Create” and “Edit”.
  7. On the Contexts, select “User Interface”.  
  8. Click on Save.


  1. On State 1, click on “New Action”, then select “Set Field Value”.
  2. A pop-up window will appear. Select “After Field Edit” on “Trigger On”.
  3. Under “Triggering Client Fields”, choose “Sublist”. Click on OK.
  4. Select “Item (Line)”. Note: This is the field that you’ll have to select to fire the behavior that you were aiming for.
  5. Under Context, click on “User Interface”.
  1. Under Parameters, click on the “Description (Line)” field. This is the field that you are setting the value of upon triggering the field.
  2. Under Value, you can choose what text you want to set. We will use a Static Value for now.
  3. Click on Save.


Since the workflow configuration is completed, it’s time to test it. Since on this guide I chose “Purchase Order” as the Sub-type, the steps I used below are for Purchase Order testing.  

  1. Go to Transactions > Purchases > Enter Purchase Orders.
  2. Select a Vendor.
  3. Under the “Items” tab, select an Item.
  4. You should notice that on the Description, a text “Set by workflow” is automatically set.  

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