Are you interested in learning about NetSuite Development but not sure where to start?

We came up with this guide where you can learn for free!

1. Study JavaScript

The first step that you can do before jumping into NetSuite Development is to learn JavaScript. SuiteScript, the API developed by NetSuite so you can enhance, extend and customize the instance, is built on top this web-based programming language.

You need understand the fundamentals of programming in JavaScript, like defining variables, assigning data types, declaring functions, etc. before going straight ahead to SuiteScript Development.

Here are some of the free resources where you can learn about JavaScript development:

Head over to w3schools for a free text-based tutorial
Watch this Youtube video “Learn JavaScript – Full Course for Beginners”  by
Sign up for the JavaScript course in Codeacademy

2. Read about the NetSuite APIs in the Help Guide

The NetSuite Help Guide will be your go-to resource when it comes to learning about the NetSuite APIs. Here you will learn some helpful information in writing your code such as what a certain method does, which script types supports it and what are the parameters used.

3. Look for code samples in SuiteAnswers

SuiteAnswers is a repository of code samples for certain use cases. The ones that contain the code samples are the “Support Articles”, as shown in the below screenshot. Make sure to shorten your keywords so you can have a better shot at finding a relevant article.

4. Watch Youtube videos about SuiteScript

There are several videos on Youtube that talk about SuiteScript but these are the top two videos that I’d recommend.

SuiteScript 2.0 Extend NetSuite with JavaScript Course Introduction by netsuite class– This video series will teach you about the overview of SuiteScript, its types and what do they have to offer. It will also explain about the NetSuite data model and architecture so you will familiarize yourself with how you can retrieve the data.  

SuiteCloud: SuiteScript Help Overview – This video gives you some guidance on using the NetSuite Help Guide so you can start writing your own SuiteScript.

[ESS] How to write your very first SuiteScript – for non-developers! by Stoic Software – This video is a perfect jumpstart for you to start writing your first script. Stoic Software has tons of SuiteScript videos online and you can check the other ones here.  

5. Join online NetSuite communities
  • NetSuite User Group – this is the official NetSuite user group where you can post your questions online and receive answers about NetSuite Development, through “SuiteCloud / Customization” section. You will be asked to create an Oracle account to join. This is a private channel so it is not searchable from Google but the upside is that you will occasionally get answers from NetSuite employees directly.
  • NetSuite Professionals Slack Group – This is the biggest user group in the NetSuite Community. Head over to #suitescript channel so you can learn and ask questions from NetSuite Developers all over the world.
  • – A byproduct from the NetSuiteProfessionals Slack group, this is a great channel where you can post your development questions and have a reference for later user.  My favorite part about this tool is that it’s searchable from Google.  
  • NetSuite Reddit group – Yes, there is a Reddit group for NetSuite professionals. You can post questions and review existing ones by using the “SuiteScript” filter.  
We would love to hear from individuals like you who’s interested to learn about NetSuite Development. Have a chat with us!  

UPDATE: The SuiteScript 2.0 Extend NetSuite with JavaScript Course Introduction by netsuite class is no longer available due to some copyright issues.

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