How do you filter the values of a dropdown field in NetSuite SuiteScript?

To do this in NetSuite, you would need two types of script. First is by deploying the Suitelet Script itself.

Suitelet Script

In the suitelet, notice that we used the SuiteScript 2.0 API form.addField twice since we are adding two fields.

Notice as well that we used another SuiteScript 2.0 API called form.clientScriptModulePath = ‘./lcc_cs_scripting_poc.js as this attaches the client script to the suitelet. This is what controls the filtering behavior.

Copy the code below and deploy it as a Suitelet Script:

 *@NApiVersion 2.x
 *@NScriptType Suitelet

define(['N/ui/serverWidget'], function(serverWidget) {

        function onRequest(context) {
          try {
            if (context.request.method == 'GET') {
                var form = serverWidget.createForm({ title: 'LCC POC' });

                    id: 'custpage_location',
                    type: serverWidget.FieldType.SELECT,
                    label: 'Location',
                    source: 'location'

                    id: 'custpage_vendor',
                    type: serverWidget.FieldType.SELECT,
                    label: 'Vendor',
                    source: 'vendor'
                form.clientScriptModulePath = './lcc_cs_filter_select_field.js';
            } else {

          } catch(e) {

        return {
            onRequest: onRequest


Client Script

To attach the client script, you would need to upload the .js file to the File Cabinet. The sample code is provided for you to copy. This is what you will put in your .js file.

 * @NApiVersion 2.0
 * @NScriptType ClientScript
 * @NModuleScope Public

define(['N/search', 'N/currentRecord'], function(search,currentRecord) {
    var record = currentRecord.get();

    function fieldChanged(context) {
      if(context.fieldId == 'custpage_location') {
        var location = record.getValue('custpage_location');

        if(location == '') return;
        var vendorSearch = search.create({
          type: 'vendor',
          filters: [['custentity_location','is',location]],
          columns: ['entityid']

        var vendorSearchResults ={ start: 0, end: 1000 });

        var vendfield = record.getField('custpage_vendor');
        vendfield.removeSelectOption({value : null});
        if(vendorSearchResults.length != 0) {
          for(var i in vendorSearchResults) {
                value : vendorSearchResults[i].id,
                text : vendorSearchResults[i].getValue('entityid')

    return { fieldChanged : fieldChanged };


You have to ensure that the directory of the client script is exactly what you indicated on the form.clientScriptModulePath API.

You will see that we used vendfield.insertSelectOption API to add the dropdown options which are based from the select field.

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