CSV Integrator is one of the most phenomenal tools built by NetSuite SuiteSolutions. In this article, we are going to share few information about this tool.

What is CSV Integrator?

CSV Integrator is an application developed by NetSuite’s SuiteSolutions to automate upload of CSV files either from a local directory or external application.

What technology is the CSV Integrator using?

The CSV integrator is using SuiteScript’s RESTlet technology and an integrator broker built using JAVA technologies.

Why use CSV Integrator?

  • With the native CSV Import tool,  there is a limit of 25,000 records per import file. If you are to import large chunk of data, let’s say around 400,000 records, you’d have to break the huge file into multiple files with 25,000 rows each and manually monitor them.
  • CSV Integrator also allows processing of files through FTP and SFTP, removing the need to download and upload files to your local drive.
  • In our own experience, we were able to upload 700,000 rows without the hassle of user intervention.

How can we get access to CSV Integrator?

CSV Integrator is free to use. To acquire it, you’d have to request access to the bundle through the client’s Account Manager.

For more details, refer to SuiteAnswers article “SuiteSolutions – CSV Integrator” with ID: 64845.

(UPDATE as of June 11) CSV Integrator is no longer free. Also, SuiteAnswers ID: 64845 is not available anymore.

Where can we download the CSV Integrator tool?

The CSV Integrator is a downloadable file that gets saved to the account’s File Cabinet upon installing the bundle.

What are the pre-requisites of using the CSV Integrator tool?

  • CSV file Import – the file that needs to be uploaded
  • Saved CSV Import – this is where you set the field mappings
  • Integration Mapping Record – The mapping record used for authenticating
  • Broker Configuration – the JAVA application that can be downloaded after installing the bundle

Important Note:

For efficiency purposes, it is crucial to test this tool first on a smaller set of data to ensure that everything is accurate before proceeding with the larger batch.


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