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Have you ever had a chance to use the CASE WHEN … IN () formula? You might have or might have not. Either way, I think this can be a useful tool at least once in your life as a NetSuite professional.

For example, there’s one thing that my fellow NetSuite Developers could relate to. We love searching for transactions using internal IDs. However, there are times when we had to look for more than one transaction through the use of saved searches.

This is where the CASE WHEN .. IN () syntax may come in. In my personal experience, it has tremendously increased my productivity as a NetSuite professional. It allows me to limit my search results to selected transactions only, without having to wait forever to select transactions on the Criteria box.
If you have been working with NetSuite long enough you might have experienced waiting forever to select a specific transaction/internal ID in the saved search filters

Below you will find its syntax. You will find it useful in some contexts like when you only need certain specific transactions to get returned in your search results.

CASE WHEN {internalid} IN (’24’, ’25’, ’26’, ’27’) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END

When you want the other way around, simply add the negator ‘NOT’ to the formula:

CASE WHEN {internalid} NOT IN (’24’, ’25’, ’26’, ’27’) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END

You’re all set. When you encounter a day in your life with NetSuite wherein you had to look for specific transactions only, you may use the above sample formula.

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