Sample Scenario: You’re trying to get a list of NetSuite customers with duplicate addresses.

A duplicate address, as defined in your company, is when the Address Label is exactly the same with an existing one. Example as shown below:


Here are the steps on how to come up with a simple NetSuite saved search that allows you to generate a report of all customers that fall under that scenario.

1. Go to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New


Reports > New Search.

2. Select “Customer”.

3. Enter a comprehensive title.

4. Under “Results” tab, select the following Columns.


5. Click on “Save and Run”.


Notice on the image above that all the customers in the NetSuite system are displayed. We want to filter that to display the applicable results only. Here are the next steps:

6. Under Criteria tab, click on “Summary”.


7. Select “Count”. Field = “Address Internal ID”

8. Select “greater than” and put “1” on the “Value”.


See sample results below. Notice that this time, the only row that displays is the Customer with the duplicate address.


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