As a SuiteScript Developer, have you had a chance to work on NetSuite suitelets?

Have you had a SuiteScript requirement of a suitelet with two sublists?

You might notice that by default, NetSuite displays these sublists in subtabs, like below:


In a NetSuite user perspective, this is not ideal as it will require a step for them to click on the subtab.

The solution is to add a tab and put these sublists inside the tab. Notice that we used the form.addSubtab API. Here’s the sample code:

var mainTab = form.addSubtab({
id: 'custpage_main_tab',
label: "Main Tab"
var sublist1 = form.addSublist({
id: 'custpage_sublist_1',
type: ui.SublistType.LIST,
label: 'Sublist 1',
tab: 'custpage_main_tab'
id: 'custpage_fld1',
type: ui.FieldType.TEXT,
label: 'Field 1'
var sublist2 = form.addSublist({
id: 'custpage_sublist_2',
type: ui.SublistType.LIST,
label: 'Sublist 2',
tab: 'custpage_main_tab'
id: 'custpage_fld2',
type: ui.FieldType.TEXT,
label: 'Field 2'

Here’s the final output. As you can see Sublist 1 and Sublist 2 are not displayed in separate subtabs but are shown horizontally:


Hope this helps you in some way! For more information about suitelets, please refer to the Help Guide.

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