Is there a way in NetSuite to look for transactions based on how many lines they have?

The answer is a SUITE YES!

Scenario: User would like to have a list of sales orders with only one line item.

To do this, follow these steps after logging in to your NetSuite account:

  1. Go to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.
  2. Click on “Transaction”.
  3. Add these filters: a. “Type” is “Sales Order” b. Shipping Line is false c. Tax Line is false d. Main Line is false e. Memorized is false
  4. Here’s where you filter your search based on Line Count. Click on Summary. search-based-line-count-filter.jpg
  5. Under Summary Type, click on “Count”.
  6. For the “Field”, click on “Line ID”.
  7. The filter definition must depend on your requirement. In the sample scenario, enter “equal to 1”. search-based-line-count-field
  8. To ensure that you will only get unique results, click on the Results tab.
  9. Select “Summary Type” = Group for all your columns.
  10. You may now run this search and get the results that you’re looking for.
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