Singing, boxing, and Miss Universe. Probably the top three traits that we Filipinos are known internationally for.

But do you know that in the beautiful 7,107 islands of the Philippines, we are also a hub of competitive and world-class NetSuite talents?

Asia. North America. Australia. Europe. It can’t be unseen. Companies all over the world are hiring us Filipino NetSuite Consultants.

What makes us Filipinos so that we are becoming well-known for our exceptional talent in NetSuite?

We are hardworking in nature.

Filipinos are hardworking. When we work, we see to it that we really put our hearts into what we are working on. This gives us an edge among all other NetSuite Consultants elsewhere. With the right knowledge, the passion, the sheer determination, coupled with the impeccable background most Filipinos have in the world of  NetSuite Consultancy, we can really put Filipinos in the global arena.

We have an advantage of Oracle NetSuite presence in our country.

Do you know that Oracle NetSuite Philippines is the largest office among the entire Oracle NetSuite GBU? In fact, the Philippine Oracle hub is even larger than the headquarters in San Mateo. With Oracle NetSuite’s large presence in our country, the distribution of NetSuite knowledge has become easier and more accessible. We have some of the best and most experienced NetSuite professionals in our country who had been in the industry for almost a decade.

We have a good supply of accounting and IT specialists.

Scouting for good talents in the field of Finance and Information Technology industry is not a problem here in the Philippines. Some of us worked in the Big Four, which all have their large presence here in the Philippines. Each year, we are producing hundreds of thousands of Finance and IT graduates. In 2017 alone, we had about 202,895 Business Administration & Related graduates and 73,646 Information Technology graduates.

We reduce costs without compromising quality.

It’s not because we are cheaper. It’s because our services cost less than the ones from other countries; without compromising the quality of work we deliver. According to Anderson Frank’s salary survey for 2018, NetSuite salary in the US can go up to 100,000 USD a year; excluding the benefits. When you hire a Filipino NetSuite consultant, you still get to have the same quality of work, sans the hefty sum you have to pay.

We speak good English.

Filipinos are very good English speakers. This is one quality that gives us an edge over our neighboring Asian countries. English is already being taught to us as early as our kindergarten years. We are groomed to speak English the moment we set our foot on school grounds. If you work with a Filipino NetSuite professional, the language barrier is not an issue at all.

We are highly trainable.

A common trait used to describe us Filipino workers is that we are highly trainable. Accordingly, what takes 4-6 months to train workers from other countries only take roughly two months for Filipinos.

Filipinos are easier to work with in general

Look at airports, hotels, and malls all over the world. Filipinos are everywhere. This alone speaks volumes. Filipinos are world-renowned for our work ethics and it comes as no surprise to see Filipinos worldwide working practically in any field and sector. So why should Filipinos be hired as NetSuite Consultants?

  • We are reliable. – Ask someone you know who has hired a Filipino recently and he/she would probably agree. Give us the job and we’ll make sure to exert our best efforts to get it done.

  • We are respectful. – Filipinos are typically raised and instilled with the right values; especially the value of respect. We carry this trait in our daily lives: in school, at home, and at work.

  • We have a cheerful personality – We smile and laugh. A lot. We laugh at small things. We celebrate almost everything (probably explains why we have a lot of holidays).

  • We are loyal – As long as we are compensated and treated well, we stay for a company for years. Some of us even work for that company until our retirement years.

Clients from all over the world agree

I am not saying all these just because I’m a Filipina. In fact, people across the globe can attest to how Filipino traits stand out. Some are even grateful to the extent of them creating montages and videos of why they love working with Filipinos. You can see those videos by going to this link:

Why I hire people from the Philippines

Nathan Hirsch, founder of top Freelancer Marketplace “Freeeup”, created a video entitled “Why I Hired 80% Filipino Freelancers for my Team”.  He has a team of experts all around the world but 80% of them are Filipinos. In the video, he expressed his reasons why so. Here are some of those:

  • We are techie people. We use social media a lot. It’s integrated into our daily lives. And because of that, we are adept at learning any skills needed in supporting someone’s business.

  • Most of us came from the BPO setting where we received customer service training that enabled us to effectively deal with clients.

  • We are trustworthy, creative, reliable and can communicate at a high-level.

Would love to hear more? Here’s what others are saying.

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LEACC Consulting is a 100% Filipino owned NetSuite Consultancy firm specializing in custom NetSuite Services. It is founded by a young, passionate Filipina NetSuite Developer who has a vision of helping bridge the gap between international companies wanting to succeed in their NetSuite business unit and driven Filipino NetSuite talents who are enthusiastic about sharing their industry talents. She believes that the global shortage of exceptional NetSuite professionals can be solved by onboarding the world-class NetSuite professionals from the Philippines.

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