If a user complains about not being able to select a specific date on a report, (e.g. Trial Balance, Sales by Customer, VAT Report), a simple click on Home > Set Preferences is the answer to it.

Just instruct them to Home > Set Preferences as shown on this screenshot.


Under Analytics, you will see the first preference called “Report By Period”. Set it to Never.


Let’s take a look at what each option means:

Never – allows you to see the “As of” <Date> on all reports, e.g. As Of 07/31/2018

Financials Only – allows you to see “As of” <Accounting Period> on financial reports only. e.g. Jun 2018, July 2018, March 2017, etc.

All – allows you to see “As of” <Period> on ALL reports, not just financials.

Important Notes:

  • These preferences affect how the report ties up with the Balance Sheet. When you set the “Report by Period” to ALL, this makes the report and the Balance Sheet match.

  • This will also affect the user’s financial KPIs. Always instruct them to set this preference back to “All Reports” or “Financials Only” after running the desired report.

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