Troubleshooting a NetSuite unexpected error is probably the most disappointing thing you will encounter in your everyday work as a NetSuite professional.  You either get lucky by trial and error or you’re stuck with filing this to NetSuite Support.

If you find yourself in the latter situation, I’m going to teach you a trick to make your interaction with NetSuite Support more seamlessly. This saves you one step from a back and forth with them since you already have an essential part of their troubleshooting step: querying the error details with the error ticket number.

When you get the unexpected error, it will point you to a link to a case form that allows you to report the error.

SuiteScript Error

Right-click on the link and click on “Copy Link Location”.

NetSuite error ticket

Paste the details over a notepad. You will notice the URL having the parameter “&ticket=<some random string>”. That’s the error ticket. See it highlighted below.

SuiteScript Error Ticket

Once extracted, error ticket should look like this:


There you have it. You may now file that case and ask NetSuite Support for some details on what the error meant. Do not forget to tell them the exact steps you’re doing to replicate the error. This gives them a sense of what you’re trying to do so they can help unblock you from that unexpected error you’re getting.

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