You might run into a use case that requires you to add a workflow condition that acts like ‘contains’ but the Visual Builder wouldn’t allow you to. You only have an “Any of” option where you are allowed to set specific values. This happens to List/Record type of fields, for example, the “Department” field. The alternative is to use custom formulas, as shown in the following screenshot: workflow-custom-formula-contains For the syntax, use this format: UPPER({department}) like '%'||UPPER('Sales')||'%' In the syntax above, what it does is that it checks if the Department contains the keyword “Sales”. If it does, then execute the workflow action. If you want the other way around, here’s the syntax: UPPER({department}) not like '%'||UPPER('Sales')||'%' Notice that the only difference is that there’s a keyword “NOT” before “LIKE”, which negates the entire condition. LEACC Consulting is a team of NetSuite Certified Developers with IT experience solely dedicated to NetSuite technologies for eight years. We are experts in both SuiteScript 2.0 and SuiteScript 1.0. Our team has worked with 400+ NetSuite scripts and workflows combined. If you need some consulting help of how you can design your NetSuite scripts better, contact us by filling out this form or by commenting below.

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