Before LEACC Consulting was hired by our company, there was no visibility from the NetSuite system perspective and action plan for our project was altogether missing. Having them involved in the project really helped to not only alleviate the paint point we were experiencing but also played a key role in addressing the issue at hand. What I value the most about working with them are their commendable NetSuite expertise and their ability to adapt to the business requirement along with stellar service. They were really good at their work and able to provide solutions. I would highly recommend LEACC Consulting as they have positive and never die attitude. This gets more effective as they have great communication skills and ability to manage complex business requests and goals which is appreciable.

Varun Jain Senior Accounts Payable Manager at OLX Group

When we hired LEACC Consulting as our consultant, they definitely helped a lot to speed up some of the development tasks. They have strong project management and technical experience gained from NetSuite and for me, this is the most valuable asset that enabled them to advise on any NetSuite related matters. If given a chance, we would have had hired LEACC Consulting as a permanent staff instead of a consultant. I would recommend LEACC Consulting as they have always been helpful and available to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

Samuel Wan IT Director at Kamyuen

We were awarded a NetSuite project but we didn’t have much experience and capability on it. We then needed a capable partner who can take on the challenge and deliver the task done. I was lucky to have found LEACC Consulting to trust on for the project delivery without worries. I really like their quality delivery. They also had clear and prompt communication which helped me in delivering the project to my client and my client was really happy with the outcome.

Jayesh Jain Founder, Tirnav Solutions